The 6 Best Single Serve Blenders on the Market

best single serve blender

If you really enjoy daily morning smoothies or shakes, and you want to be in control of what you’re drinking, then what you really need is a single serve blender. We’ve collected and reviewed a list of the 6 best single serve blenders to help you decide which is the right one for your needs.

A Single Serve Blender is Perfect for Busy Lifestyles

The “life” part of the ideal “work/life balance” is at more of a premium than ever before.  Our employers seem to expect us to be available at all hours, and if you’re working more than one job, you probably have even less time to look after your home, your family, and your diet.  

With all the pressures we face today, meeting your nutritional needs is incredibly important, yet many of us default to convenience because we feel like we simply don’t have the time for anything else.

Drinking a shake or smoothie in the morning is a great way to kickstart your day with a dose of vitamins, minerals, and many other nutrients

Buying Smoothies is Too Expensive

The cost of grabbing a smoothie from your local chain or juice bar every day really starts to add up, however, and you can easily find yourself spending $30 a week or more!  

Moreover, while add-on supplements like protein powder or extra fiber seem tempting, the amounts added sometimes just aren’t worth the extra expense.

If you really enjoy daily morning smoothies or shakes, and you want to be in control of what you’re drinking, then what you really need is a single serve blender.

With a single serve blender, you can blend the fruits, veggies and supplements you want in the amounts you choose, then put a lid on the blending jar and get on with your day knowing you have a delicious, nutrient-packed beverage ready to drink whenever you want it.  

Best of all, single serve blenders are significantly cheaper and take up much less countertop space than larger models, making them ideal for smaller budgets and smaller kitchens.

We’ve collected and reviewed a list of the best single serve blenders to help you decide which is the right one for your needs.

best single serve blender

The 6 Best Single Serve Blenders Reviewed

Magic Bullet Blender (11 piece set)

The definition of compact, the Magic Bullet is billed as more than just a single serve blender. While the standard cross blade can be used to blend smoothies, make salad dressings or even chop veggies, you can also purchase a flat blade which will grind harder items like coffee beans, whole spices, or grains into flour.

The 250 watt motor will handle most things you throw at it, although it’s not really powerful enough to efficiently blend larger pieces of frozen fruit unless you thaw them a bit first.

What really separates the Magic Bullet from its competitors are the extras that come in the box: you get a small recipes book, three different sized blending jars, some lids, and some comfort lip rings.

If you like versatility and you have enough storage space in your kitchen for the accessories, the Magic Bullet is good value for money.

THE GLOW (what we like)

  • Compact and cost-effective
  • Comes with several blending cups and lids, including a flip-top “to go” lid
  • Extra cups/lids/blades readily available for purchase
  • Can also purchase a flat blade attachment used to mill spices, grind oatmeal, and other hard items
  • Simple to clean

THE SHADE (what we don’t like)

  • May struggle with frozen fruit (can handle very small ice cubes)
  • Can only really be used in up to 30-second bursts
  • May need to pause to shake blending cup if larger pieces get stuck

NutriBullet NBR-0601 Nutrient Extractor

The bigger sibling of the Magic Bullet, the NutriBullet NBR-0601 Nutrient Extractor comes with a 600 watt motor, which is admittedly quite loud but should make easy work of fruit, vegetables and other whole foods.  

The more powerful motor also makes it better equipped to blend frozen produce and ice, provided you have at least some liquid to blend with.

There are fewer accessories included with the motor and blade compared to the smaller Bullet, but you still get the recipe book, a couple of blending jars, and lids.  

You get more accessories and can blend larger volumes with the Pro model, which is also equipped with an even more powerful 900 watt motor, but be prepared to pay almost double the price for the privilege.

THE GLOW (what we like)

  • More powerful than the Magic Bullet
  • Budget-friendly

THE SHADE (what we don’t like)

  • Fewer accessories
  • Louder than the Magic Bullet

Hamilton Beach Go Sport Personal Blender

Hate it when your smoothie or shake warms up too fast?  

The Go Sport personal blender from Hamilton Beach comes with an insulating double-walled blending jar that’s also shatterproof, so not only will your drink stay colder for longer, it will survive being bumped around in your gym bag.

The jar will also almost certainly fit in your car’s cupholder, if you enjoy drinking your smoothies behind the wheel.

In the kitchen, the blender’s slim profile ensures you’ll have no problem finding a space for it on your counter, and everything except the motor base is dishwasher-safe, making clean-up a breeze!

THE GLOW (what we like)

  • Insulated 20 oz blending jar keeps your smoothie or shake colder for longer.
  • Two blending speeds and a “Pulse” mode for increased versatility
  • Everything except the motor base is dishwasher safe

THE SHADE (what we don’t like)

  • Blending jar lacks measurement markings
  • Rubber gasket seal around the blade is prone to falling out

Black + Decker FusionBlade Personal Blender

The FusionBlade personal blender from Black + Decker has a sleek and attractive design which means it won’t only fit neatly on your countertop, it’ll look good too.  

The 275 watt motor, with a simple single-button operation, easily handles blending with ice and powders.

We like that it comes with two 20 oz blending jars, each with its own “to go” lid, but the slimmer shape of these jars makes them a bit awkward to clean thoroughly without a brush.  Thankfully, they’re dishwasher safe.

THE GLOW (what we like)

  • Comes with a pair of 20 oz jars and two flip top “to-go” lids
  • Quick and efficient
  • Very effective at blending with ice and powders
  • Fits most car cupholders
  • Simple single button operation

THE SHADE (what we don’t like)

  • Bottles are narrow which makes cleaning difficult without a brush
  • Can still be left with little chunks when using frozen fruit
  • Directions to untwist from the base and unscrew the blade are the same, so can lead to spills

Ninja Fit Personal Blender 

If you like your blender to do double duty for making smoothies and frozen cocktails, the powerful 700 watt motor tucked away inside the Ninja Fit personal blender will effortlessly blend ice and frozen fruit, and it’ll do it pretty quickly.

It comes with two blending jars, each with its own “sip n’ seal” lid, although at only 16 oz the jars are a little smaller than those that come with many other single serve blenders you can buy.

Operation is simple: screw the blade onto the jar, turn upside down, and push into the base, and you’ll have a delicious shake or smoothie in seconds!

THE GLOW (what we like)

  • Among the most powerful single serve blenders you can buy without breaking the bank
  • Solid build quality
  • Will easily blend frozen fruit without requiring pauses to shake the jar
  • “Sip n’ seal” lids are sturdy and don’t leak
  • Works with leafy vegetables and nuts/seeds blended into your drinks

THE SHADE (what we don’t like)

  • The smaller blending cups can limit the amount of produce, ice, yogurt etc. you can blend at once
  • While it cleans up well, the threads on the inside of the blending jars make it awkward and uncomfortable to clean without a brush
  • Blending for long periods of time can burn out the motor – stick to short bursts!

Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender

Sure, it’s louder and a little more expensive than the Ninja Fit, but the 900 watt motor and sturdy, stainless steel blades of the Ninja Nutri Pro are going to handle nearly anything you want to blend.

The Nutri Pro is designed for those who want to get the maximum nutritional benefit from their shakes or smoothies—it’s powerful enough that you can add unpeeled vegetables, like carrots or cucumbers, and even ginger, into your recipes and still blend everything into a smooth, sippable consistency.

THE GLOW (what we like)

  • Solid, stainless steel blades will blend almost anything, including ice and nuts
  • Ideally suited for getting the maximum amount of nutrition out of your ingredients
  • Small countertop footprint, yet the power is on par with larger blenders
  • Larger blending jars than the Ninja Fit make it easier to pack in all the ingredients you want
  • Extra blending jars, including larger 32 oz sizes, are readily available for purchase

THE SHADE (what we don’t like)

  • It’s really, really loud!
  • Jar design is similar to the Ninja Fit—the threads on the inside make them a bit uncomfortable to clean
  • The gasket for the blade assembly needs to be removed (which is not easy!) and cleaned regularly, otherwise trapped residues will lead to unpleasant smells and/or mold buildup

THE TAKEAWAY: The Best Single Serve Blenders Final Note

We’re sure that the best single serve blender for your needs is on this list!  If you want our opinion, though, here are our favourites:

  1. Best value for money: If your choice of the best single serve blender is dictated by budget, it’s hard to go wrong with the FusionBlade from Black + Decker.  It’s stylish, you get two blending jars, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.
  2. Most versatile:  The 900 watt crushing power of the Ninja Nutri Pro makes it the best single serve blender for the variety of ingredients you can blend.  Whether you want the added nutrition from skin-on vegetables, or you need crushed ice in a hurry, this machine will blitz things effortlessly.
  3. Best for on-the-go:  Nobody likes drinking a warm shake or smoothie after an intense gym session or lengthy commute!  The Go Sport from Hamilton Beach is one of the only models on the market to come with an insulated blending jar right out of the box, making it the best single serve blender for an active or busy lifestyle.

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