The 6 Best Blenders Under $100 You Can Buy Today

best blenders under 100

If you only had $100 to spend on a blender, which one should you buy? Even some of the biggest names in kitchen appliances have a model available in this price bracket, so you’ll be spoiled for choice! Here’s our list of the best blenders under $100 you can buy today!

Adding a blender to your kitchen dramatically increases the number of recipes you can make, be them for smoothies, milkshakes, purees, soups, salsas… They can be extremely versatile!

We’re not all made of money, though, and we can’t all drop several hundred dollars on a fancy Vitamix blender (although if you do happen to have that kind of cash available, you can check out our reviews of the best Vitamix blenders money can buy). You may have to set your sights on the budget end of the spectrum.

Fortunately, there are lots of blenders available that you can buy for $100 or less*. You might even have some change left over, depending on which model you ultimately choose. Here are our favourites!

*at the time of writing

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Ninja Professional Blender BL610

At full price, this only just sneaks into the “best blenders under $100” category, which is a good thing for you because it’s one of the most powerful blenders you can buy at this price point. 

It also comes with a 72 oz blending jar, so whether you’re making a quick smoothie for yourself or a whole batch for your family, this Ninja’s got you covered.

The BL610 is a little different from other blenders. The six cutting blades are attached to a central spindle at different heights rather than at the jar’s bottom. 

This assembly works well for turning ice into snow, so if you’re a fan of frozen drinks, this feature is sure to be appealing. Be careful, though—the blades are incredibly sharp!

Operation is straightforward, with just four control buttons on the motor base in addition to the power button: low, medium, and high speeds, plus a pulse feature that can be used for making chunky salsas or chopping nuts.

The Glow (what we like):

  • Powerful enough to turn ice cubes into snow in a flash, the Ninja BL610 is hard to beat for making frozen drinks or sorbets
  • Extremely sharp blades will crush and blend almost anything
  • Simple, no-nonsense controls make the unit very easy to use
  • Lid features a corner spout for easy pouring
  • Cleanup is easy! Simply add some water and a drop of dish soap, blend, and rinse, or you can put the jar and blade assembly in your dishwasher

The Shade (what we don’t like):

  • The cutting blades are very sharp out of the box, but they will dull over time—how quickly this happens depends on how frequently you use it—and you’ll start to notice your smoothies becoming less smooth
  • The design of the jar and blade assembly means that supplement powders and pieces of produce could get stuck to the sides or in corners

Oster Pro 1200 Blender

The Oster Pro 1200 sets itself apart from its competitors by offering a 6 cup (48 oz) glass blending jar instead of the plastic jars you’ll see on other models. 

It also comes with a smoothie cup and a food processor attachment, making it an excellent bang for your buck.

Our favourite feature of the jar is the wider base, which helps pull your ingredients down towards the blade for better blending. The blade itself can run in forward and in reverse, which will also help ensure everything is blended into a smooth consistency.

Another useful feature found on the Pro 1200 is the seven speed settings—in addition to low, medium, and high speeds and a pulse mode, three “intelligent” settings can be used depending on what you’ve got in your blending jar. 

These three extra settings give you one-touch control for making green or frozen smoothies, for chopping, and for making milkshakes.

The Glow (what we like):

  • The 48 oz glass blending jar is a nice touch that adds an air of quality to this model. Paired with the brushed nickel finish option, this blender will look great in any kitchen
  • The broader base of the jar, coupled with blades capable of running in forward and reverse directions, helps to ensure your smoothies are, in fact, smooth
  • Seven speed settings, including three for specific applications which take the guesswork out of blending smoothies, milkshakes, and more
  • You can blend right into the included 24 oz on-the-go cup

The Shade (what we don’t like):

  • Although the Pro 1200 is rated at 1200 watts, it seems to struggle with frozen fruit
  • Part of the lid has small holes, supposed to be for venting, but these can lead to spills if you fill the jar to capacity
  • In the event of breakage or malfunction, replacement parts are virtually impossible to come by—you’ll likely have to buy a whole new blender

Oster Osterizer Beehive Blender

Everything about the Osterizer Beehive Blender is simple and sleek, from the base’s classic shape to the two-speed control toggle. There’s some cool technology here, though, that would make this a great addition to your kitchen.

The standout feature is Oster’s DURALAST all-metal drive. This blender uses interlocking metal parts to spin the blade instead of other blenders’ plastic parts. You’ll be making smoothies with this blender for a long time!

The included glass pitcher is also specially designed to tolerate more extreme temperature changes—you can pull the pitcher straight from the dishwasher, load it with cold ingredients, and whip up a smoothie without fearing that the glass will crack.

The Glow (what we like):

  • We love the design of this blender—it’s simple, but it will look great in any kitchen
  • No-nonsense controls for easy operation—it blends, or it pulses, and that’s it
  • The all-metal drive system is a step up from the competition and makes this blender much more durable
  • The borosilicate glass pitcher can accommodate rapid changes in temperature, so you can blend frozen fruit, ice, and cold liquids without worrying about cracking

The Shade (what we don’t like):

  • This blender is best for making milkshakes or smoothies, where the liquid content is higher—look elsewhere if you want more versatility
  • Tied to this are the simple speed controls, which also limit the number of applications of the Beehive Blender

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender

The Power Elite Multi-Function Blender from Hamilton Beach also features a glass blending pitcher, but it’s at a much lower price point than many of its similarly equipped competitors. 

The pitcher shape is designed to help continuously pull ingredients in towards the blade, as long as you have enough liquid in your mixture.

All twelve of the speed settings are accessible from four buttons on the base, and the different options are sensibly grouped by application— “dice,” “chop,” and “salsa” are all on the same button, for example.

Similarly to the Ninja, the lid has a built-in spout so you can quickly pour directly from the pitcher without messes.

The Glow (what we like):

  • It’s hard to beat the price point of this blender
  • The sturdy glass blending pitcher is well designed, including the base being a nice width, and helps to continuously pull ingredients towards the blades for consistent blending
  • The lid has a built-in pouring spout, which makes for easy pouring directly from the pitcher into a glass, mug, or any other container
  • If you can get the lid off, cleaning is easy thanks to the “easy-clean” setting and dishwasher safe parts

The Shade (what we don’t like):

  • The lid can be very tough to remove
  • You might need to use more liquid than usual to get it to blend everything smoothly—there are more powerful blenders available than this one
  • The pulse function requires you to press two buttons at once, which might be a bit awkward

Black+Decker FusionBlade Blender

If it fits with your decor, then the red version of the FusionBlade blender from Black+Decker is sure to add a splash of color to your kitchen!

It comes equipped with a glass jar to complete the look, and this also makes blending hot soups a good deal safer.

While the row of eight buttons on the base might be a little intimidating, they’re all clearly labelled for different speeds depending on what you’re blending—you can whip cream, make crumbs, or chop up ingredients to make salsa. 

There’s even a setting for cleaning! One major drawback with the button labels, though, is that they can rub off over time, so you’ll need to exercise care when wiping down the base.

More things we like about the FusionBlade include a unique 1 oz insert that fits into the lid, with which you can drizzle in oil if you’re making salad dressings, or use it as a volume measure for blending mixed drinks

It’s also a little bit quieter than other blenders in this price bracket, which shouldn’t be a dealbreaker—all blenders make noise!—but it’s worth noting.

The Glow (what we like):

  • This blender stands out from the crowd with a distinctive, bold look
  • Twelve available speeds to give you total control over your blending process
  • The lid insert allows for extra functionality when preparing salad dressings, or you can use it as a 1 oz measure if you’re whipping up a mixed drink
  • Cleaning is effortless thanks to the dedicated “Clean” setting

The Shade (what we don’t like):

  • The labels for the buttons are prone to rub off over time
  • May develop leaks around the bottom of the jar and blade assembly

Nutribullet 1200 Watt Blender

Another blender that only just clears the “under $100” bar, this NutriBullet has several features that would make it a useful addition to your kitchen.

First up, the motor packs 1200 watts of power, which should be sufficient to blend frozen fruit, and it’s enough to turn nuts into butter if you want to—making smoothies for the whole family? The 64 oz/8 cup pitcher has you covered if you’ve got several mouths to feed.

Speaking of the pitcher, it’s dishwasher safe, although it is also plastic, so it might be better to wash it by hand. 

The lid has a vent, so you can blend warm or hot sauces and soups in confidence without worrying about the pressure buildup.

The Glow (what we like):

  • Suction cups on the base of the unit help keep it in place during use
  • 1200 watts of power means this NutriBullet should power through almost anything you want to blend
  • The simple layout of clearly labeled buttons for the different speeds make this blender very easy to use
  • The pitcher is large enough to accommodate up to 64 oz/8 cups of ingredients—blend for yourself or your whole family!
  • The vents on the cap are a nice feature—blend warm or hot sauces and soups without over-pressuring
  • If your pitcher breaks, you can replace it for a modest cost (64 oz ; 56 oz 

The Shade (what we don’t like):

  • It’s a good thing that replacement pitchers aren’t too expensive—the manufacturer recommends replacing them every 6 months, which worries us about the durability of this model
  • It shouldn’t be a dealbreaker, but you’ll likely need to buy a brush to safely clean under the blade

So Which One Should You Buy?

FIRST CHOICE: All of these blenders have their advantages, but if we could just have one of them, we’d go with the Ninja. It’s the most versatile, so whether you’re making salsas, smoothies, or frozen blended drinks, you’ll get the best value for money. The corner spout in the lid is a nice added feature too.

RUNNER UP: If you don’t want to spend right up to the top end of your $100 budget, then an excellent secondary option is the Oster Pro 1200. While it might not handle frozen ingredients as effortlessly as the Ninja, it takes care of just about everything else, and it comes with the added sturdiness of a glass pitcher.

NO-FUSS BUDGET PICK: If all you want from a blender is to make smoothies or milkshakes, then we’d choose the Osterizer Beehive Blender. It’s unfussy and built to last, and it looks great into the bargain.